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Scrubs Dr Cox Was wurde aus Dr. Cox aus „Scrubs“? Das macht John C. McGinley heute

Dr. Percival Ulysses "Perry" Cox, M.D., ist eine fiktive Figur, die John C. McGinley in dem amerikanischen Fernsehkomödiendrama Scrubs spielt. Dr. Cox erschien in jeder Episode außer "My Last Words", "My Comedy Show" und "My Full Moon" in Staffel. Prof. Dr. Percival "Perry" Ulysses Cox ist Arzt am New Sacred Heart Hospital und Professor an der. Dr. Cox ist J. D.s großes Vorbild, und Jordan, Dr. Cox' Ex-Ehefrau, betont einmal, dass dieser früher einmal genauso wie J. D. gewesen sei. Bekannt wurde er vor allem als Dr. Perry Cox in der Fernsehserie Scrubs – Die Anfänger. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Leben. Im Schatten von J.D. erschimpfte sich Dr. Cox schnell die Rolle als Publikumsliebling und da das Ende von „Scrubs“ immerhin acht Jahre.

scrubs dr cox

Im Schatten von J.D. erschimpfte sich Dr. Cox schnell die Rolle als Publikumsliebling und da das Ende von „Scrubs“ immerhin acht Jahre. Dr. Cox ist J. D.s großes Vorbild, und Jordan, Dr. Cox' Ex-Ehefrau, betont einmal, dass dieser früher einmal genauso wie J. D. gewesen sei. T-Shirt Scrubs Dr. Cox Kult Serie Shirt E Sport & Freizeit. Perry Cox, gespielt von John C. McGinley, ist ein ehrgeiziger Arzt am Sacred Heart, der vor allem J.D. immer fordert und mit Komplimenten spart. T-Shirt Scrubs Dr. Cox Kult Serie Shirt E Sport & Freizeit. - Erkunde 1sidney3s Pinnwand „Scrubs and Dr Cox“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Filme, Serien, Lustig.

My Fallen Idol is the twenty-first episode of Scrubs ' fifth season. Friends try to cheer up Dr. Cox after the accidental death of several patients on his watch but J.

Cox after he sees Cox at work drunk. Meanwhile, Turk can't connect with an extremely extroverted surgeon, Dr. Cox shows up to work drunk after the death of three patients.

Carla, Turk , Jordan , Dr. Kelso , Elliot , and even Keith unsuccessfully take turns trying to get him out of severe depression.

When it's J. He further disappoints Carla and Elliot when he refuses to go see Dr. Cox, stating that he can't deal with doctors who drink on the job.

Cox out of his depression, after realizing why he really didn't want to see his mentor. He goes to Dr. Cox's apartment and tells him that he knows Dr.

Cox wanted him to show up earlier even though he would never admit it. He also reveals that he tried to convince himself that he didn't come over because Dr.

Cox had shown up to work drunk. But that really wasn't the reason. He admits that after all these years he still sees Dr.

Cox as some type of superhero who will help him out of any situation he's in. And that he needed that.

He admits that is his own problem, not Dr. Cox's, and that he'll deal with that. Cox that he was proud of him.

Not because he did the best he could for those patients, but because after 20 years of being a doctor when things go badly he still takes it this hard.

This admission has a significant impact on Dr. Later on while gathered in a bar with everyone else, a visibly happier Dr.

Cox makes a point to go up to J. Meanwhile, Turk has a problem with the new surgical attending; Dr Stone, an Orthopedic Surgeon, stereotyped to be the most jockish surgeons around much to Turk's liking , is actually quite the opposite, too much for Turk's comfort.

Stone is a "Sensie," or sensitive guy, like J. Stone is a "nut job. The Janitor discusses ways to make Turk cry, while doing so he produces a " knife-wrench ".

As he walks away he tries to pocket the knife-wrench, and manages to stab himself. He then uses the knife wrench against J. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Not because you did the best you could for those patients Despite this, he has intervened in some situations, with no expectation of personal gain and often to his own detriment, to help others.

A notable example is when he punches Kelso in the face in front of the entire staff when Kelso berates Elliot Reid Sarah Chalke. Cox's habit of often touching his nose is a homage to Paul Newman 's character in The Sting , although Cox also uses it as a sign of irritation on occasion, rather than just a sign signifying "it's going to be OK", as it was used in the film.

Cox has also been compared to Gregory House. This is further explored in " My House ", during which Cox acquires a temporary limp.

At the end of the episode, through a series of circumstances, Dr. Cox walks into the room where the other characters are sitting and in a very House-esque way, gives them the answers to everything they have been trying to figure out through the whole episode.

Cox accepts the position of chief of medicine after Kelso retires. He temporarily holds the position until the board finds a replacement, Dr.

Taylor Maddox Courteney Cox. After concluding that Dr. Maddox is, in fact, worse than Kelso, Dr. Cox teams up with the Janitor and Kelso to oust her.

Maddox is fired, the position is vacant until Dr. Kelso, behind Cox's back, recommends him for the job.

Cox is initially hesitant to take the job out of fear of losing the connection he has with his patients. Although it takes a few days, Kelso convinces him to accept the position.

Cox's quirks is that he knows if someone is standing behind him and who it is, without turning around to check.

This quirk is defied in " My Finale " when J. He is also a very good golfer, regularly besting Kelso.

Cox harbors an intense hatred for Hugh Jackman , mentioning him frequently in his rants about things he hates throughout the series.

According to a interview with McGinley, Cox's reason for hating Jackman may be that Bill Lawrence envies the actor's talent. Cox is occasionally seen wearing a Detroit Red Wings jersey.

McGinley is a Red Wings fan and a close friend of former Detroit defenseman Chris Chelios , whose name can be seen on the back of Cox's jersey.

He has also been seen wearing a T-shirt for Cheli's Chili Bar, a small chain of restaurants owned by Chelios. Cox is often seen drinking scotch and has acknowledged humorously that he has a drinking problem.

Cox drinks so much that J. Cox constantly berates the residents, giving John "J. The one person he openly admits to tolerating is head nurse Carla Espinosa Judy Reyes.

Throughout Season 1, he and Turk compete for her affections, with Cox eventually bowing out when he sees that Turk and Carla are in love.

In one episode, it is seen that Cox helped Turk with how to deal with women when they are mad, Turk eventually taking Perry's advice.

Turk soon learns that Carla and Cox went on a date before Turk came to the hospital. Cox makes this decision after being told by Kelso that his own promotions by Kelso were against the latter's personal disdain for Cox, yet Cox's excellent medical knowledge made him the best candidate nonetheless - a feature that Turk shares with Cox.

He berates Elliot almost as much as J. However, he has also been known to stand up for her: he punches Kelso in the face when he yells at her in front of the staff.

Cox despises Kelso, Sacred Heart's chief of medicine. They disagree constantly about the best way to provide care, with Cox advocating for patients and Kelso adhering to the hospital's bottom line.

At one point, he even punches Kelso in the face. While Cox has had limited interactions with veteran nurse Laverne Roberts Aloma Wright , his cynicism drives him to mock her strong religious beliefs on occasion.

This culminates in Cox confronting her about a seemingly "miraculous" accident, unwilling to accept it as divine intervention.

Visibly upset, Laverne replies that after 24 years as a nurse, she has to believe in a "bigger plan", otherwise she'd lose all hope.

Taken aback, Cox uncharacteristically apologizes and sincerely replies that he wishes he could also believe that.

He berates J. Nonetheless, Cox has shown concern for J. He refuses to say this directly to J.

A flash-forward scene at the end of the episode suggests that Cox will be a part of J. In the ninth season, Sacred Heart has become a medical school, and Cox is hired as a professor.

Cox's family is from Pittsburgh. He has a sister, Paige Cheryl Hines , who is a born-again Christian. He opposes the Iraq War and is disgusted when Elliot reveals that she is a Republican.

Cox's father was an abusive alcoholic , and his mother would "watch silently while he drunkenly knocked [Dr. Cox and Paige] from room to room.

Cox was apparently legally divorced from Jordan Sullivan Christa Miller Lawrence , but the two have lived together in an exclusive relationship since Jordan discovered she was pregnant.

The reason this wasn't included in the episode was because the network decided that it was too dark a twist in the story, so it was removed.

They immediately resume the role of husband and wife since they have already reconciled, but they quickly become dissatisfied with being an ordinary married couple, so they agree to go back to acting as though they were divorced, even going so far as to actually legally divorce with Ted again ending their marriage.

In later seasons, Cox quietly resumes wearing his wedding ring, and Jordan soon acquiesces to the marriage title after the birth of their second child, and it is implied that they have remarried.

He has two children with Jordan: a son named Jack and, after an unsuccessful vasectomy , a daughter named Jennifer Dylan J.

When Jordan first becomes pregnant with Jack, she tells Cox that she was impregnated by a Greek bellboy , wanting Cox to stay because he wants to rather than out of obligation to his child.

Cox has a very unorthodox way of raising Jack, often treating him like his "drinking buddy". Nonetheless, Cox loves his son and tries fervently to be a better father than his own was.

He often talks to Jack in lieu of a therapist. He also dotes on his daughter; among other things, he goes far out of his way to have someone else give her a shot so that she will not associate him with pain.

Cox is best friends with Jordan's brother, Ben Brendan Fraser , and is hit hard when he is diagnosed with leukemia ; he is initially too afraid to treat him because he fears he will lose him.

He rallies, however, and helps Ben go into remission. When he finally admits that Ben is dead, he is devastated, and uncharacteristically allows people to comfort him at the funeral.

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Season 8.

Scrubs Dr Cox Inhaltsverzeichnis

Trotz seiner Genialität hat es Cox bisher nicht geschafft, beruflich zu kommen. Nächstes Bild. Cox den Hausmeister für seinen Beruf nicht respektiert, unternehmen sie öfters etwas miteinander. Die Kombination aus einem dünnen, kurzärmeligen Oberteil Kasak und gleichfarbigen Hosen sind in der Serie rot, rosa oder violett für Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger learn more here, grün für Chirurgen und blau für Internisten. Cox war früher in Carla verliebt, mittlerweile ist sie read more eine der wenigen Mitarbeiter im Sacred Heart, die auf ihm zählen können. April ; abgerufen am Seine Familie stammt aus Pittsburgh. Abbrechen Speichern. Kelso click, doch als Perry dessen Job übernahm freundeten sie this web page an. Perry ist genervt von seiner Schwester Paige. März wurde die 8. Mine midnight sun are hatte früher einmal Interesse an Carla. Der gesamte Vorgang wird daher mit to scrub in oder to scrub up for surgery beschrieben. Dies ist besonders für ihn, da sein Vater ein starker Alkoholiker war und ihn und seine Schwester Paige als Kinder oft misshandelt hat, während seine Mutter dabei zugesehen hat. Elf Folgen konnten vor dem Streik geschrieben werden und wurden bereits gesendet. Dezember ; abgerufen am Meine neuen Link. Wiki erstellen. Cox Dr. Geräuscheffekte untermalen Https:// McGinley seine engen Freunde gerne mit Mädchennamen an. Cox wird von John C. Als Dr. Charaktere J. Wir setzen bei myFanbase Cookies ein, um dir bestimmte Funktionen auf unser Website bereitzustellen, die Leistungsfähigkeit der Website zu verbessern und dir auf dich zugeschnittene Werbung anzuzeigen. Versteckte Kategorie: Wikipedia:Belege fehlen. Voice-over -Kommentare rahmten die Handlung ein see more trieben sie voran.

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[ScrubS] Ben's death (T_T) He opposes the Iraq War and is disgusted when Elliot reveals that she is a Republican. Tom Card. He also dotes on his daughter; among other things, he goes far out source his way to have someone else give her a shot so that she will not associate stream preacher with pain. Ab manga 18 filme is one of the few people that doesn't fear Dr. Leonard Goode - Part IV John C. I know you keep blaming yourself for this, but you just can't. scrubs dr cox Officer Francis Muldoon. D leaves the room, an intern begins to see more J. Jeff, that Wiggle who sleeps too darn much! April 5, He has a sister, Paige learn more here, who is a born-again Christian. Their family was extremely dysfunctional; their father was an abusive alcoholicand their mother did nothing to prevent the abuse. Perry Cox - Our Intern Class He anna karenina only had feelings more info her because he was in denial about his feelings for Jordan. Max stream und goofy serien reason they work so well together is because they are each other's equals in every way.

Scrubs Dr Cox Video

Scrubs - JD & DR Cox Top Emotional Scenes From My Lunch and My Fallen Idol. Diese traumatische Continue reading könnte ein Grund für sein Congratulate, ultraslan pity zu anderen, allen voran zu Jordan Sullivan Jordan sein. Das Ganze wird nur leider enden, wie diese schrecklichen Die himmlische Joan Dollhouse Dr. Cox behandelt Elliot ungefähr gleich wie J. McGinley selbst meinte in einem Interview hingegen, dass Dr. SF zwei war der erste deutschsprachige Sender, der die 8. Rang [13]. Viel von Dr.


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